Conditions of sending

1.- Zones of sending

Spain, realizes sendings inside Spain Peninsula.


In the actuality do not realize sendings to these communities by the high costs of the envío.

Canary Islands.

In the actuality do not realize sendings to these communities by the high costs of the envío.

Ceuta and Melilla

In the actuality do not realize sendings to these communities by the high costs of the envio.



2.- Amount of the service

The cost of the service varies according to the weight of the package sent and the urgency in the requested shipment, either within 72 working hours or 24 hours in Spain and 5 to 10 working days in the rest of EUROPE. The amount will be detailed in the purchase section before making the payment.

Free shipping for orders of € 60 or more in Spain.

Free shipping for orders of 100 € or more in rest of Europe.

3.- General conditions of sending

The sendings realize in working day of Monday to Friday, excepting the festive of National or Provincial field of the Community of Madrid, like this like which affect to the service of transport.

The term of delivery of the existent products in stock realized before the 16 hours, will be of 24/72 hours and of 5 to 10 dias dias in the rest EUROPE. Likewise inform that in populations very alejadas of the capitals or of difficult access, the term of delivery can demorarse, because of this circumstance. No us responsabilizamos of the possible demoras of delivery caused by the service of mensajería.

In the case to realize asked anyway of week (even Friday late), the sending will realize the Monday and in case to be festive said Monday, the sending will realize inside the 24/72 hours of the first skillful day, always that said product find in stock.

The asked of stock, earring of payment by transfer will be sent in the term of 24/72 hours once receive said transfer. No obstante if said transfer has not been received transcurridos 7 natural days, will proceed to the cancelación of the asked and the client will be notified.

Also inform that in the period vacacional of the team, will not effect service of delivery . Said circustancia will be informed in the web The sending of the articles will realize once reinicie the activity., does not do responsible of the delays in the deliveries of the asked, or in the impossibility to realize them, when the cause owe to events of main strength such as accidents, strike, uprisings, threats, terrorist attack, incendio, explosion, causes meteorológicas, and natural disasters like storm, flood, earthquake, epidemic and any extraneous problem to us in the means of transport or in the system of telecommunication.

4.Direction of

Arcomanualidades Find in the street Huesca Nº20 7ºTo Mostoles (Madrid) SPAIN.

5. Devoluciones

The User, if it does not remain entirely satisfied, dispondrá of a term of 15 skillful days to explain from the delivery of the Products, as the official calendar of his place of usual residence, to give back the Asked of complete purchase, to carry paid by the User, save when the devolución owe to errors of sending or other imputable causes to Will have the potestad to choose if it gives back the money in with the same method of purchase realized in the purchase or with a coupon discount for the shop online

It is not necessary a reason to give back the products in which was not interested. In the case in that there is a reason for the devolución, that can amend for following clients, request them and agradecemos that us communicate it. Of this ours way catalogue will be able to go improving for all the clients, increasing the information in some products and descatalogando others for example.

In the case that the User wish to exert this right, will have to notify it of immediate way and inside the mentioned term of 15 skillful days to In the direction of electronic post

The Products will have to be in perfect conditions and in his embalaje original, with instructions, labels, gifts promocionales and all what carried in the moment to receive them. In contrary case will not be able to accept the devolución.

The products precintados and closed like the paintings, or the bisutería, will have to give back of the same way. They do not accept products used, since they can not go back to sell once used.

The defective products or that they have arrived in bad state have to be given back in the state in that they have received , with the embalaje. We also have the possibility to exert our right to devolución with the manufacturer, for the which is indispensable can give him back the product so that it see which is the defecto that has.

To facilitate us the labor asked them that metan in the package a copy of the bill (is the justificante that sent with the asked, substitutes to the tickets of shop). With this paper that comes in his asked can identify more quickly to name of who is the asked, the date in that it did , the form of payment and to which price bought the articles. If it wants to remain a copy can send us a photocopy, or note in a paper the data that allow us identify the asked distinctly.

Once received the Product or Products object of desistimiento by And checked his state, Will proceed to the repayment of the quantities that the User have paid by the same, inside the fifteen (15) following days to the date of exercise of the right of desistimiento by part of the User or remit a coupon with the price integrate of the purchase.

The dispuesto in this clause will not be of application in relation with Products that can be reproduced or copied with immediate character, as the books, DVD or videos, or that, in reason of his nature, can not be given back, unless these last are given back without desenvolver and in his empaquetado original. They can not give back the products personalizados, as the montajes of bisutería by commission and the cut by subways. Won the mentioned term of fifteen days without that Have received communication any of desistimiento in relation with one or varied of the Products included in the Asked, will understand that the User accepts íntegramente the Asked or, in his case, those Products on which have not exercised the User his right of desistimiento, and is conforme with the object of the Asked, quality and quantity of the same, not being possible any successive claim to the respecto, save the proper derived of the corresponding guarantee to the Products.


The guarantee of the Products is of two years, such as it scores the law in this moment. They exclude of the guarantee the defectos produced by a bad use or manipulation, knocks, rises of tension and the normal wear of the materials.

The guarantee is a form to protect to the client of defectos unseen of manufacture. It is not applicable in a lot of articles of manualidades, that to all the world results him evident that they do not have an useful life of two years, and least if it submits them to an intensive use. For example the cutters, scissors, any leaf, coin, grapadoras, moulds, etc, will last more or least depends of the use that give them. The open paintings obviously do not last two years.

The defective products have to be given back in the state in that they have received , or how have remained after using them, with the embalaje to be possible. We also have the possibility to exert our right to devolución with the manufacturer, for the which is indispensable can give him back the product so that it see which is the defecto that has.

The expensive tools like the plotter and the pirógrafos professional have spares of the parts that sufren more wear, as the leaves and the tips. The most economic tools, some of least of 15 euros, do not have spares.

To exert this right is indispensable the devolución of the products affected, in the state in which are.

When the guarantee was of application the client can call us to the telephone than figure on top of this web, or send an and-mail to In this case will put us of agreement as his interests and as the article in if it wishes to change it, give it back, fix it, or a discount in the article.