Politics of privacidad / Legal Notice


It exposes to continuation the data identificativos of the company.

The place web www.arcomanualidades.com is property of Soraya Knight Lopez with DNI 46843643-To And domicile in street Huesca Nº20 7ºTo Mostoles (Madrid). Electronic post of contact: arcomanualidades@gmail.com


The present document puts to disposal of the users in cumplimiento of the article 10 of the Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, of services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Trade (LSSICE). The conditions of use find in the link ?General Conditions?

Protection of data (LOPD / RGPD)

Arcomanualidades.com Fulfil with the exigencias of the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 of December, of Protection of Data of Personal Character (LOPD), and to the Real Decree 1720/2007, of 21 of December, known like the Reglamento of development of the LOPD. It fulfils also with the Reglamento (UE) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 of April of 2016 relative to the protection of the physical people (RGPD).

Your privacidad and your rights respect in this web

In this web respect and take care the personal data of the users. Like user have to know that your rights are guaranteeed.

We have us esforzado in creating a sure space and confiable and therefore I want to share my principles as regards your privacidad:

Never request personal information unless really was necessary to loan you the services that require me.

Never share personal information of my users with anybody, except stop to fulfil with the law or in case that have your autorización expresses.

Never used your personal data with a finalidad different to the expressed in this politics of privacidad.

It is precise to warn that this Politics of Privacidad could vary in function of exigencias legislative or of autorregulación, by what advise to the users that visit it periódicamente. It will be applicable in case that the users decide rellenar some form of anyone of his forms of contact where collect data of personal character.

ArcoManualidades There is felicitous this web to the exigencias of the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 of December, of Protection of Data of Personal Character (LOPD), and to the Real Decree 1720/2007, of 21 of December, known like the Reglamento of development of the LOPD. It fulfils also with the Reglamento (UE) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 of April of 2016 relative to the protection of the physical people (RGPD), like this as with the Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, of Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Trade (LSSICE or LSSI).
Principles that will apply to your personal information

In the treatment of your personal data, will apply the following principles that adjust to the exigencias of the new reglamento European of protection of data:

Principle of licitud, lealtad and transparency: Always go to require your consent for the treatment of your personal data for one or several specific ends that will inform you previously with absolute transparency.

Principle of minimization of data: Only go to request data strictly necessary in relation with the ends for which required them. The possible minima.

Principle of limitation of the term of conservation: the data will be maintained during no more time of the necessary for the ends of the treatment, in function to the finalidad, will inform you of the term of corresponding conservation, in the case of subscriptions, periódicamente will review the lists and will delete those registers inactivos during a considerable time.

Principle of integrity and confidentiality: Your data will be treated of such way that guarantee a felicitous security of the personal data and guarantee confidentiality. You have to know that we take all the precauciones necessary to avoid the no authorized access or undue use of the data of the users by part of third.

How obtain personal data in this web

The personal data that treated in ArcoManualidaes proceed of:

Form of contacts

Form of subscription

Comment in the blog

Form of sale

¿Which are your rights when you facilitate us your data?

Any person has right to obtain confirmación on if in Arcomanualidades are treating personal data that concerns us, or no.

The people interested have right to:

Request the access to the personal data relative to the interested

Request his rectificación or supresión

Request the limitation of his treatment

Oponerse To the treatment

Request the portabilidad of the data

The interested will be able to access to his personal data, like this as to request the rectificación of the data inexactos or, in his case, request his supresión when, between other reasons, the data already are not necessary for the ends that were collected.

In determined circumstances, the interested will be able to request the limitation of the treatment of his data, in cuyo case only the conservaremos for the exercise or the defence of claims.

In determined circumstances and by reasons related with his particular situation, the interested will be able to oponerse to the treatment of his data by Arcomanualidades. It will leave to treat the data, save by legitimate reasons imperiosos, or the exercise or the defence of possible claims. Also will be able to request the portabilidad of his data.

The interested also will have right to the tutela judicial efectiva and to present a claim in front of the authority of control, in this case, the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, if they consider that the treatment of personal data that concern him infringe the Reglamento.

¿With which finalidad treated your personal data?

When an user connect with this web for example to comment a post, command a post to the holder, suscribirse or realize some contratación, is facilitating information of personal character of which is responsible Arcomanualidades. This information can include data of personal character as they can be your direction IP, name, physical direction, direction of electronic post, number of telephone, and another information. When facilitating this information, the user gives his consent so that his information was recopilada, used, gestionada and stored by Arcomanualidades.com Only as you describe in the present Politics of Privacidad.

In Arcomanualidades exist different systems of capture of personal information and deal the information that facilitate me the people interested with the following end by each system of capture (forms):

1.- Form of contact: Solicitamon the following personal data: name, email, telephone, subject, message. To answer to the requests of the users of Arcomanualidades.com. For example, can use these data to answer to your application and give answer to the doubts, complaints, comments or interests that can have relative to the information included in the web, the services that loan through the web, the treatment of his personal data, question referents to the legal texts included in the web, like this as any one other queries that can have and that they are not subject to the conditions of contratación. We informed you that the data that facilitate us will be situated in the servidores of Webempresa S.L. Provider of hosting of Arcomanualidades.com Inside the UE.

2.- Form of sale: The user dispone of different forms of subject purchase to the conditions of contratación for each product or service where will require you data of contact and of payment. We request the following personal data: name, surname, CIF/NIF, email, direction, data of turnover informed You that the data that facilitate us will be situated in the in the servidores of Webempresa S.L. Provider of hosting Arcomanualidades.com Inside the UE.

3.- Form of subscription to contents: In this case, requested the following personal data: name, email for gestionar the list of subscriptions, send bulletins, promotions and special offers, facilitated by the user when realizing the subscription. Inside the web exist several forms to actuate the subscription. The electronic bulletins or newsletter are gestionados by Arcomanualidades.com. . When realizing a subscription, accept and consientes that your data are stored by this platform, with calm in Spain to end of gestionar the sending of the corresponding bulletins.

4.- Form of high for comments of the blog: to comment the publications of the blog Arcomanualidades.com Require that the user give of high through this form. In this case, request the following personal data: name, email, message and the web but is not a compulsory field. Once given of high, the user will be able to realize so many comments as it wish and give answer on the previous. I inform you that the data that facilitate us will be situated in the servidores of Webempresa S.L. Provider of hosting of Arcomanualidades.com Inside the UE.

They exist other finalidades by which treated your personal data:

To guarantee the cumplimiento of the conditions of use and the applicable law. This can include the development of tools and algorithms that help to this web to guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data that collects.

To support and improve the services that offers this web.

Also collect other data no identificativos that they obtain by means of some cookies that discharge in the computer of the user when it sails in this web that detail in the politics of Cookies.

For gestionar the social nets. Arcomanualidades Can have presence in social nets. The treatment of the data that carry out of the people that do supporters in the social nets of the official pages of Arcomanualidades regirá by this apartado. Like this as by those conditions of use, political of privacidad and normative of access that belong to the social net that proceed in each case and accepted previously by the user of Arcomanualidades.com. It will treat his data with the finalidades to administer properly his presence in the social net, informing of activities, products or services of Arcomanualidades. Like this as for any another finalidad that the rules of the social nets allow. In any case will use the profiles of supporters in social nets to send advertising of individual way.

Of agreement to the established in the reglamento general of protection of European data (RGPD) 2016/679,Arcomanualidades.com Will be responsible of the treatment of the corresponding data to Users of the web and suscriptores.

Arcomanualidades, does not sell, rents neither cede data of personal character that can identify to the user, neither will do it in the future, to third without the previous consent. However, in some cases can realize collaborations with other professional, in these cases, will require consent to the users informing on the identity of the collaborator and the finalidad of the collaboration. Always will realize with the most strict standards of security.

Legitimación For the treatment of your data

The legal base for the treatment of his data is: the consent.

To contact or realize comments in this web requires the consent with this politics of privacidad.

The offer prospectiva or commercial of products and services is based in the consent that requests him, without that in any case the withdrawal of this consent condition the execution of the agreement of subscription.
Category of data

The categories of data that treat are:

Data identificativos, specifically, name and electronic post.

Name of the company and your charge in the same.

They do not treat categories of data especially protected.

¿By how much time conservaremos your data?

The personal data conservarán following the following criterion:

Until it do not request his supresión by the interested

¿To which destinatarios will communicate your data?

A lot of tools that used for gestionar your data are hired by third.

To loan services strictly necessary for the development of the activity, Arcomanualidades.com, shares data with the following prestadores under his corresponding conditions of privacidad.

The data will communicate to the following companies to loan services strictly necessary for the development of his activity, Arcomanualidades.com, shares data with the following prestadores under his corresponding conditions of privacidad.

Hosting: Webempresa S.L., with domicile in < Street Almagro 11 6º 7ª 1 . 28010 Madrid (MADRID) Spain

Platform web: PrestaShop


When sailing by Arcomanualidades.com Can collect data no identifiable, that can include, address IP, geographic location, a register of how use the services and places, and other data that can not be used to identify to the user. Between the data no identificativos are also the related to your frocks of navigation through services of third.

We use this information to analyse trends, administer the place, rastrear the movements of the users around the place and for recopilar demographical information on our base of users in his group.

Secret and security of the data

Arcomanualidades.com Engage in the use and treatment of the data included personal of the users, respecting his confidentiality and to use them in accordance with the finalidad of the same, like this as to give cumplimiento to his obligation to save them and adapt all the measures to avoid the alteration, loss, treatment or access no authorized (How the protocols Https that use), of compliance with the established in the valid rule of protection of data.

Arcomanualidades.com Can not guarantee the adsoluta inexpugnabilidad of the net Internet and therefore the violación of the data by means of fraudulent accesses to them by part of third.

Exactitud And furthfullness of the data

Like user, are the only responsible of the furthfullness and correction of the data that remit to Arcomanualidades.com exonerando To Arcomanualidades.com Of any responsibility to the respecto. The users guarantee and answer, in any case, of the exactitud, vigencia and autenticidad of the personal data facilitated, and engage to maintain them properly updated. The user accepts to provide complete and correct information in the form of contact or subscription.

Acceptance and consent

The user declares to have been informed of the conditions on protection of data of personal character, accepting and consintiendo the treatment of the same by part of ArcoManualidades in the form and for the finalidades indicated in this politics of privacidad

Changes in the politics of privacidad

Arcomanualidades.com. It reserves the right to modify the present politics to adapt it to legislative novelties or jurisprudenciales, like this as to practices of the industry. In said supposed, the Prestador will announce in this page the changes entered with reasonable antelación to his put in practice.

Commercial posts

In accordance with the LSSICE, Arcomanualidades.com Does not realize practical of SPAM, by what does not send commercial posts by electronic road that have not been previously requested or authorized by the user. In consequence, in each one of the forms habidos in the web, the user has the possibility to give his consent express to receive the bulletin, with independence of the commercial information on time requested.

Conforme To the dispuesto in the Law 34/2002 of Services of the Society of the Information and of electronic trade, Arcomanualidades.com Engage to not sending communications of commercial character without identifying them properly.

Doubts or queries on this politics or your rights

If you have some question or comment on this politics, or if you have some interests on the form in that it has been able to gestionar some personal information that have provided me, can contact by electronic post to:



This page web informs him, in this section, on the politics of collected and treatment of cookies.
¿What are the cookies?

A cookie is a fichero that discharge in his computer when accessing to determined pages web. The cookies allow to a page web, between other things, store and recover information on the frocks of navigation of an user or of his team and, depending of the information that contain and of the form in that it use his team, can use to recognize to the user.
¿Which type of cookies uses this page web?

This page web uses the following types of cookies:

Cookies Of analysis: they Are those that well treated by us or by third, allow us quantify the number of users and like this realize the measurement and statistical analysis of the utilization that do the users of the service offered. For this analyses his navigation in our page web with the end to improve the offer of products or services that offer him.

Cookies Technical: they Are those that allow to the user the navigation through the area restricted and the utilization of his different functions, as for example, carry to change the process of purchase of an article.

Cookies Of personalización: they Are those that allow to the user access to the service with some characteristics of general character predefinidas in function of a series of criteria in the terminal of the user and for example would be the language or the type of browser through the cual connect to the service.
Desactivar The cookies.

Can you allow, block or delete the cookies installed in his team by means of the configuration of the options of the browser installed in his computer.

In most of the browsers web offers the possibility to allow, block or delete the cookies installed in his team.
Cookies Of third.

Our place includes other functionalities provided by third. You can easily share the content in social nets like Facebook, with the buttons that have included to such effect.
Warning on deleting cookies.

You can delete and block all the cookies of this place, but part of the place will not work or the quality of the page web can see affected.

If it has any doubt about our politics of cookies, can contact with this page web through our mail: arcomanualidades@gmail.com

applicable Law and jurisdiction

The present Politics of privacidad rigen and interpret in accordance with the Spanish Law.

In the case that it produce any type of discrepancy or claim between the parts in relation with the cumplimiento or the content of the present Conditions, the parts agree to submit the decision of the subject posed to the Courts and competent Courts of Madrid.