General conditions

1. Introduction

The present general conditions of use of the page web, regulate the terms and conditions of access and use of, property of Soraya Knight Lopez with domicilo in Street Huesca Nº20 7ºTo Mostoles Madrid . The user of the Portal will have to read and accept said terms and conditions, to use all the services and information that facilitate from the portal. The mere access and/or utilization of the portal, of all or part of his contents and/or services means the full acceptance of the present general conditions of use.

2. Conditions of use

The present general conditions of use of the portal regulate the access and the utilization of the portal, including the contents and the services put to disposal of the users in and/or through the portal, well by the portal, well by his users, well by third. No obstante, the access and the utilization of some contents and/or services can find submitted to determined specific conditions.

3. Modification of the present conditions and length Will be able to modify in any moment the here determined conditions, being properly published as here appear. The vigencia of the quoted concidiones will go in function of his exhibition and will be valid until they are modified by others properly published. Recommend that it consult periódicamente the present terms of use.

4. Obligations of the User

The user will have to respect in all moment the terms and conditions established in the present general conditions. Of form expresses the user manifests that it will use the portal of form diligente and assuming any responsibility that could derive of the incumplimiento of the norms.

Likewise, the user will not be able to use the portal to transmit, store, spread, promote or distribute data or contents that are portadores of virus or any another code informático, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or prejudice the operation of any program or team informático or of telecommunications.

5. Responsibility of the portal and exclusion of guarantees

The user knows and accept that the portal does not do responsible, in any case, of the damages and perjuicios of any nature that puedieran ocasionar, to title enunciativo: errors or omissions in the contents, fault of availability of the portal or transmission of virus or wanton programs or lesivos in the contents, in spite of having adopted all the technological measures necessary to avoid it. Does not award any guarantee of any nature, already was express or implicit, on the data, contents, information and services that incorporate and that offer from the Portal, excepting the cases that the Law impose on purpose the contrary.

Anyway, the Portal excludes any responsibility by the damages and perjuicios that can have to to the information and/or services loaned or supplied by third different of the Company. All responsibility will be of the third already was provider or collaborator.

We will not be responsible of any damage or lost that it affect to his computer like consequence of the previous actions, or of his use of page web or discharge of contents of the same or to which the same redireccione.

6. Intellectual and industrial property By himself or like cesionaria, is titutal of all the rights of intellectual and industrial property of his page web, asi and of all the contents in the same, such as marks, logos, photos, drawings, documentation, programs informáticos or any another susceptible element of protecciónl, that are accessible in the portal.. They remain on purpose reserved all the rights. In virtue of the dispuesto in the articles 8 and 32.1, paragraph second, of the Law of Intellectual Property, remain on purpose forbidden the reproduction, the distribution and the public communication, included his modalidad of put to disposal, of the whole or part of the contents of this page web, with commercial ends in any bear and by any half. It remains on purpose forbidden the creation of link of hipertexto (links) to any element integrante of the pages web of the Portal without the autorización of

In any case, the portal reserves all the rights on the contents, information data and services that ostente on the same. The portal does not concede any licence or autorización of use to the user on his contents, data or services, distinct of which on purpose detail in the present general conditions of use of the portal.

7. Protection of data

The politics of Protection of Data find inside the link ?Legal Notice and Protection of Data? of the besiege WEB.

8. Guarantee

The here sold products have a guarantee of two years when the damage or defecto was imputable to

Stop can gestionar the Guarantee is precise that notify us by means of email the reason of the incidence, the number of asked, the albarán of the purchase and photos of the product dañado or erroneous.

Once valued the information will put us in contact with the client to detail him the steps to follow.

In the case that we can not substitute the product by another of the same kind, will proceed to the devolución of the price of the same.

It is important to remark that the guarantee does not cover the use negligente or violent of the product, the wear by the use, or the damages derived of the manipulation or intervention of the same, like this as the knowledge of the desperfecto and the no communication of the same in the term of 15 days.

9. Devoluciones

The User, if it does not remain entirely satisfied, dispondrá of a term of 15 skillful days to explain from the delivery of the Products, as the official calendar of his place of usual residence, to give back the Asked of complete purchase, to carry paid by the User, save when the devolución owe to errors of sending or other imputable causes to Will have the potestad to choose if it gives back the money in with the same method of purchase realized in the purchase or with a coupon discount for the shop online

It is not necessary a reason to give back the products in which was not interested. In the case in that there is a reason for the devolución, that can amend for following clients, request them and agradecemos that us communicate it. Of this ours way catalogue will be able to go improving for all the clients, increasing the information in some products and descatalogando others for example.

In the case that the User wish to exert this right, will have to notify it of immediate way and inside the mentioned term of 15 skillful days to In the direction of electronic post

The Products will have to be in perfect conditions and in his embalaje original, with instructions, labels, gifts promocionales and all what carried in the moment to receive them. In contrary case will not be able to accept the devolución.

The products precintados and closed like the paintings, or the bisutería, will have to give back of the same way. They do not accept products used, since they can not go back to sell once used.

The defective products or that they have arrived in bad state have to be given back in the state in that they have received , with the embalaje. We also have the possibility to exert our right to devolución with the manufacturer, for the which is indispensable can give him back the product so that it see which is the defecto that has.

To facilitate us the labor asked them that metan in the package a copy of the bill (is the justificante that sent with the asked, substitutes to the tickets of shop). With this paper that comes in his asked can identify more quickly to name of who is the asked, the date in that it did , the form of payment and to which price bought the articles. If it wants to remain a copy can send us a photocopy, or note in a paper the data that allow us identify the asked distinctly.

Once received the Product or Products object of desistimiento by And checked his state, Will proceed to the repayment of the quantities that the User have paid by the same, inside the fifteen (15) following days to the date of exercise of the right of desistimiento by part of the User or remit a coupon with the price integrate of the purchase.

The dispuesto in this clause will not be of application in relation with Products that can be reproduced or copied with immediate character, as the books, DVD or videos, or that, in reason of his nature, can not be given back, unless these last are given back without desenvolver and in his empaquetado original. They can not give back the products personalizados, as the montajes of bisutería by commission and the cut by subways. Won the mentioned term of fifteen days without that Have received communication any of desistimiento in relation with one or varied of the Products included in the Asked, will understand that the User accepts íntegramente the Asked or, in his case, those Products on which have not exercised the User his right of desistimiento, and is conforme with the object of the Asked, quality and quantity of the same, not being possible any successive claim to the respecto, save the proper derived of the corresponding guarantee to the Products.

10. Claims

They exist leaves of claims to disposal of the consumer, which can be requested by writing in

11. Prices

The prices of the products will be the valid in the moment of the confirmación of the asked by part of the client.

The prices of the products can be modified in any moment, like this as the articles, offers and any commercial condition without taking part previous notice.

12. Taxes

The prices included in all the articles, like this as, the expenses of sending, include the Tax on the Value Added (VAT) valid in the moment. In any case are included other taxes, prices, arancel or recargo.

13. Conditions and expenses of sending

The conditions of sending and expenses find inside the link ?Expenses of sending? of the besiege WEB.

14. Forms of payment

The forms of payment accepted are:


The client will be driven to the web of PayPal taking advantage of his platform of sure payment. Once effected the process of payment, will be reconducido of turn to

Once in the platform, will be able to realize the payment with account of Paypal or with card of credit, in any case accept payment contrarembolso from this platform.

PayPal Can retain an amount to way of fianza or sure when trying realize a purchase with the card in the platform PayPal (suele be some cents or 1 ? ) This amount it reembolsará PayPal in a month roughly. The collection of this amount does not guarantee the purchase realized.


You will realize the payment of the products selected through the TPV Virtual of the Bank Sabadell.

The payment realize as the protocol of security REDSYS, system that has been developed, to allow the autenticación of the holders of the cards during the shopping by Internet, reducing in this way, the probability of fraudulent use of the cards.

During the process of payment will require autenticación of titularity of the card through the mechanisms of verificación proper of the entity bancaria emisora of the card.

The number of card and data associated to the same will be entered in pages sure web.

The types of card allowed are cards of credit or debit of Master type, MasterCard, Visa and Visa Electron.


Once realized the asked, the client, has to realize transfer to the number of account bancaria which will appear when realizing the asked, indicating in the concept the number of asked to the that does reference. The sending hara in the 24-48 hours after the payment in case of products in stock. No obstante, if transcurridos 7 natural days from the realization of the asked has not received the transfer in the account bancaria indicated, will proceed to the cancelación of the asked. Said cancelación will be notified to the client.

15. Fault of availability

It can give the remote case, that a present product in the shop on-line, do not find available,. In said case, the client will be avisado inside the 24 labour hours following of said incidence and him reintegrará the whole of the amount paid. Not taking part responsibility by part of

16. Right of exclusion Reserves the right to denegar or recall the access to the portal and/or the services offered without need of preaviso, to proper instance or of a third, to those users that break the present General Conditions of Use.

17. Generalities Will pursue the incumplimiento of the present conditions like this like any undue utilization of his portal exerting all the civil and penal actions that can him correspond in right.

18. Applicable legislation, competent jurisdiction and notifications

The present conditions rigen and interpret in accordance with the Laws of Spain. For any claim will be competent the Courts and Courts of Madrid. All the notifications, requests, requests and other communications that the User wished to effect to the Company title of the Portal will have to realize by writing and will understand that they have been properly realized when they have been received in the following direction of and-mail: arcomanualidades@gmail-com